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The sun sign Pisces is notoriously known for its beauty and its ability to attract people of all kinds. However, when it comes to the zodiac, Pisces falls below the radar as one of the ugliest signs. The following are the ten ugliest zodiac signs ranked according to their appearance.

– Scorpio: Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate personalities, but their appearance can be quite off-putting. Their features are often sharp and angular, making them look like they could be dangerous.

– Taurus: Taurus is one of the most popular signs in the zodiac, and for good reason. They are typically gentle and peaceful people, but their appearance can be quite bulky and unappealing.

– Leo: Leo is one of the most beautiful signs in the zodiac, but their appearance can be quite rugged. Their features are often sharply defined, and their skin can be quite pale.

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